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Art space Magazine

Art space Magazine

19 februari 2020

Content for virtual worlds and simulation.


Digital artlife

Digital art life

The work of painter, photographer and digital artist Anna Lorentzson.
  • Going nowhere in art and life.

    I am on vacation so i do some WOW and a lot of thinking about what to do now and how. I am in a vacuum and all the artwork goes nowhere. The companys goes nowhere. Almost everything is standing still.

    I play WOW and a lot of other games. Peeking in to Second life. Thinking and walking.

    What is going to happen now?

  • I have a exhibition 2 Opensimfest.

    Opensimfest is 1,2,3, March and i am working creating the pictures right now. I am doing some of the graphics in a VR 3D paint program with Leapmotion only using my hands. And of cours the rest on my Opensim grid. Trying out new stuff.

  • New privacy policy and Terms of service

    Everyting updated. Terms of service and privacy policy. And we are secure now. https://