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Time to do some driving again. On my way to Hamburg. And I did a flight for my VA today. A good days work. Blinkar

Today I wanted to take some time of and go shopping on the hypergrid. There are some nice shops out there now.




Really nice shops. It is so nice to see well built shops not just a lot of pics on the walls like a catalog.

This is what going shopping means. If you never have done it in real? If you do not need anything just go for the nice shops. This is what virtual shopping should look like.



And now nice things are on the hypergrid too. Not so afraid if they close down SL anymore. I can go shopping on the HG Ler

This is a nice sim or many i do not know. There are really nicely built. I came here by train so i do not know where i am and i do not want to open the map to spoil the illusion. Walking around using my Oculus really takes me back to the old Sweden when i was i child. No not the 1920´s. I am not that old. But where my grandmother lived looked something like this. Heaven for a child to explore.


Maybe that´s why i love explorig in SL?

Snow today at ENGM and had to wait for another Scandinavian VA plane to land. But it is lots of fun anyway. Not that often I see other SAS pilots out there at IVAO.

Place to visit.


Place to visit.


First flight at IVAO. And first leg of Nordic VFR tour. And tech test with the Oculus rift. When i got all things going it was a lot of fun.
Some mist and light rain at landing field. But when the landinglights broke thru and i saw the RWY and another Cessna was waiting to go it feelt soo real.
Virtual reality will change flying a lot.
Soon Flightinside will come out as 1.0 then there will be more flying.

You can see our downloads on the 2worlds2go grid if you are thinking of downloading during Avatarfest.

newairport 002

Welcome to take a look.

Hypergrid adress

theairportopensim_001 Tomorrow Avatarfest starts. I have a exhibition and i will try to be around as much as i can. hypergrid: Tomorrow i will do new uploads of 2worlds city and the airport OAR:s. Some new uploads and making them work together. Bridges. There will also be a new OAR called Paradise but it is a big sandbox or whatever you want it to be. It fits with the other islands. looking forward to a party on the grid.

theairportopensim_001 Tomorrow Avatarfest starts. I have a exhibition and i will try to be around as much as i can. hypergrid: Tomorrow i will do new uploads of 2worlds city and the airport OAR:s. Some new uploads and making them work together. Bridges. There will also be a new OAR called Paradise but it is a big sandbox or whatever you want it to be. It fits with the other islands. looking forward to a party on the grid.


Just got of the grid and thinking about all the stuff I have learned from the last two days. I have to say I am feeling a lot of mixed feelings. The conference is of course a success. TY guys well done.

But listening to Philip and the new tech developments I am not that sure about the evolution of Opensim. It is a big and complicated nest of code guarded by very few people. Can it change enough to be relevant in a few years? The new Second life and I suppose there will be a few new worlds will make it even more difficult to be something to spend time running and developing. On the other hand I see a lot of dedicated people using Opensim for business and recreation.

My artist me say that this is a great platform for different art projects but my CEO of 2worlds2go say maybe to do something else. I did think that I would come out of the conference inspired and full of energy to create more stuff on my own grid. But instead I just feel conflicted.

One big thing is the Oculus rift. I know it really works best in Second life and Opensim but I have this strange feeling it will not be the game changer people think.. A lot of talk about it but nobody really used it. Its like a great idea, but only on paper.

I am going to get some sleep it is late in Sweden and see if I feel the same way tomorrow. I am sad to say I think I will do so. It is the future of Opensim and Second life that bothers me not the fantastic and great Opensim conference that was really fun. That’s one good thing.


It have been really good and is not over yet. Try to stay up for a few hours more. Of course Philips keynote was a eye opener. It is like where do we go from here. Loved the Avatars face animations in real time.

Some minor problems with the tech as at all RL conferences but that is normal. Little bit disappointed about that nobody talks about the very world driving topic of SEX . It did probably build Second life in the beginning. Somebody should talk about it.

Been a good day any away.


Now when we have to move the stores and gallery again I have been thinking hard about if I should scrap the total project. No more virtual worlds. Leaving Second life and close the Opensim servers. It is a lot of work to run everything and maybe I can make better use of my time and money. I can log in now and then but I do not have to be a creator.

My problem is that I really believe that virtual worlds have a future. Today it is hard to make a buck and keep it going. Opensim have great potential and many dedicated developers working on it. But there is not many applications outside a few education and entertainment grids. We are a exclusive group that do this.

Everything in my body, brain and business sense tells me to give this up.

Well, I am probably a idiot. But I think I keep going. As a artist you always have to fight the odds  so I am used to it. I have decided to continue to believe in virtual worlds against every good reason. See you around the grid and hopefully on the next Opensim conference.


Avalon town is closing down. Avalon have been the home for Nilsart gallery, Art space magazine and 2worlds2go for many years and I am very sorry to see it go. Of course it is a lot of work to run a a large community with art gallery's and shops.

And Avalon town have always been very well managed. A very nice build and I have been proud to make it a home for Nilsart gallery. I like to walk around in this nice build with very little clutter but I suppose at the end of the year that’s over.

A sad day for Second life.

I am waiting for the day when I can sail and wind and weather makes a difference. My ship moves as it should on beautiful simulated waves.


I have been testing Aurora sim and I used it on a 64 bit Linux install. It is my developer machine for Linux so I have a lot of library's on it and Aurora compiled just fine. No problem to set it up but I never go the database to work so I just switched to MySQL and it worked great.


I wanted a 1024*1024 sim and that was no problem. I got a lot of space. Made a terrain file and installed also worked great. And I loaded some IOR files and then I was in some trouble. Worked for a while and then I got some asset loss. Textures and buildings disappeared. But it is a alpha software so that’s ok I guess. Could be some database or connection problems.

The big think with Aurora sim is that you can get big areas to sail or fly around in and you can move between sims.

The bad thing is that like Opensim and Second life the physics sucks big time.

I have been trying to make skies, surf boards, boats, planes and trucks and it is no use. It is just to bad. I have even tried to make my own physics but the only thing that interacts with the sim is push() and it is not responsive enough to get any feeling.

In Opensim you can run several sims as one but it is a little bit of a hack.


This is my from the OSgrid I have added a island I am building right now. What structure that will finally win Opensim or Aurora I do not know. The developers say that the problem is in the viewers not the servers.

I will continue testing the Aurora installation. Big areas makes it possible to do fun stuff together with friends and There world have a great working physics engine for vehicles so it is possible to make it work. But I think it must be in the viewer.

Just got Lumiya And it works great. I have a very cheap phone and it works anyway. So now i have SL in my pocket. Just waiting for a graphic app to my Ipad.

But now I can see this will not happen. Maybe.

CyberinSLI have been to Barcelona for a few day looking at art, meeting friends and eating a lot of Tapas. The pain in my body slowly disappeared and came back when I got home again.

I have been working with computers for over 25 years and as a pro artist for almost 20. It really takes its toll on the body. Hands, arms, shoulders and neck and the worst one. The back.

I want to continue. This is what I do. But I have to find a totally new way of working. I have tried the usual stuff. Breaks, exercise, a desk that you can raise and lower, many different chairs. It just do not help anymore.

I can see 3 ways to do some change. Tech stuff that makes the work easy. But I have already tried that. I even tried the Kinect to work in SL as a 3d tool.

Do other stuff. Go back to photography. But being a pro means hauling endless amount of equipment.

Rearrange the workflow and create other products. Could be something.

My problem nr two is that I am a middle aged woman and I am not really the thing in the industry anymore. Not game, computer or art.

I am taking a break before I hurt my self really bad and have to stop working all together.

Is there a upside. Yes there is. I have always been working on the side as a problem solver and I think that is really my biggest talent. So now I really have to push that.

See you soon.

Back in SL

I should have worked but a trip to the Forgotten city had me walking around for hours.


It is a great build and I did as I do in RL city's. Walked around and found new exciting stuff around every corner. The build feels very big because the use of different elevations and everything connects by elevators. I did not want to flyForgotten2 around and waited nice for all elevators. Just the feel of discovering made it so much more worth it.

And I am a Steampunk buff so I loved it so much more there was a model railway to and I was totally hooked.

A airship ride shows of the city nicely from the air.


Me and some of the excellent 3d sculptures. Yes I was dressed for the occasion.

This could have been a setting for a game. There are several games in there somewhere and I think it is possible to do some gaming in SL even on a one island build if it is clever.

The build is done by Jenne Dibou she got a blog at and a store with a lot of very nice designs in the Forgotten city. You just have to go and see it.


After a trip to the computer store I got a few new blog tools. A keyboard and a pen. I have downloaded a few apps to help me and this is going to be interesting to see if a pad can challenge my notebook. I cant write software on it and a more serious fault. I cant go in to Second life and Opensim to take nice pictures. But I guess I have to work around that for now.

As I write on several websites and blogs I do a lot of work on the go. Less stuff to carry around but is it as good?

It works ok. But i think a keyboard could be a good idea. Need some better tools.

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