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Jag jobbar som konstnär på Digital kittens AB.


Digital kittens AB creates content for web, games and virtual worlds. Digital kittens AB  is a virtual and networked organization looking for cooperative partners in art and technology. We also do research in to new technology's that can be used to enhance the presence in virtual worlds. Today we develop for the Oculus rift and use Unity 5 and several other game developing tools to create the virtual web of tomorrow.

We look in to virtual community's. There we found several flying networks and started to develop new hardware and software to interface with computer systems using the Arduino. The simulator is such a project with hope that the hardware research will create spin off effects in to art and the internet of things. Today several project are using Opensim and Second life as platforms for our research and design, making Digital kittens AB a matrix structure working over servers and networks all over the world.


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17 January 2019

2worlds2go website about virtual worlds, VR and creating AI.
  • Finally found my name while driving.

    Another village, another day, another delivery. But found my name in the new expansion. Always fun.

  • Another one is gone

    From Second life I wish you a new and virtual insane new year.

  • Happy new sim year

    On my way to Riga on really slippery roads. Had time to send a postcard anyway. Hope for 2019 to be a very good sim year.

    Some new mods and FS planes. Maybe a new Oculus, mine getting worn out.

    Greetings ALL.

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Art space Magazine

Art space Magazine

17 January 2019

2worlds2go website about virtual worlds, VR and creating AI.


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Digital artlife

Digital art life

17 January 2019

The work of painter, photographer and digital artist Anna Lorentzson.

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